The Beginning

Thursday 29th May 2014, 2am Australia time
I have just gobsmacked myself and all female travellers around the world. 12.5kg. That’s how much my bag weighed. 12.5kg. Who does that? I have a 30kg limit and I am away from home for 73 days. Needless to say I am now even more excited about delving into the colourful landscape that is Eastern European shopping.
Sitting in the airport, not much to do and there’s no one around. Just had a veeeeery lengthy conversation with the 62 year old Sri Lanken gentleman manning the tax claims counter. He has managed to tell me all about his entire family: his wife, who doesn’t work, four children and two granddaughters, Rosemary and Taylor. I learned that his youngest son, who failed at school to meet up to his brothers’ and sisters’ academic prowess, is actually earning the most being a concreter (clearing $5k on a good week) and just missed out on a spot in the Melbourne Storm this season and that his wife is anxious about him flying the roost.
Call him my practise at making friends. If my ability to solicit semi-personal information is anything to go by then I am giving myself flying colours.

FullSizeRender (1)
This is what the start of my trip looks like. Thought I would start with something structured (Topdeck Tour) before adventuring off on my own, wherever that may be!

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