Wednesday 18th June 2014


Soph and I get up pretty early. First on our agenda is to climb the old town walls of Kotor. Inside Old Town there is no one around which means we can appreciate the city in all of it’s bare glory, a luxury we didn’t realise was so until we came back during peak tourist hour.

Following these lanky legs around Kotor at 8am seeing as much as we can see
Following these lanky legs around Kotor at 8am seeing as much as we can see





Cats cats and more cats
Cats cats and more cats



I thought this ‘walk’ might take about half and hour or so. The guy that collects our €3 on entry said it takes about 45 minutes. Well I thought I was a relatively fit person and it took us about an hour and a half. I’m blaming the beautiful view and the necessary photo stops.



As we slogged our asses up the millions of stairs our mantra was
As we slogged our asses up the millions of stairs our mantra was “summer thighs, summer thighs”.
About three quarters of the way up we are joined by a beautiful dog (again, dogs and cats everywhere).  She looks like a pure bred; a beautiful dark grey colour, very lean and clean (feeling).  What I would have given to bring her back home with me! She was so gorgeous and had so much enthusiasm and was our personal tour guide for the rest of the journey.






At the top, other than doing the obligatory fireman slide down the flagpole, I can see another trail, much more challenging, that zigzags up the mountain that the old city is built against. I’m meant to be checking out tomorrow but seeing this changes that in an instant.  Must.  Conquer.  Mountain.


We walk back down the walls and together with two of Soph’s yachties we explore the old town, stopping for wine and cheese at one of the many restaurants.  Note to other travellers, the taxes are not included in the prices! It was like being in Canada all over again.


Budva is a very popular spot on this coastline, and apparently it’s got great nightlife.  We went to see what all the fuss was about and inevitably ended up at an outdoor restaurant on the beach where you can hire loungers.  For €15.  Even I know a rip off when I see one.  So after devouring a much needed salad, I dig some boob patches into the sand and lie down on my towel. But I’m only there for about ten minutes before the skies open, sending everyone scampering from the beach front.


After one more bar stop we head home.  Although it’s only about 3-4pm it feels much later with our early start.

Delightful afternoon activities with Anton (as in, Hostel Anton) and his cute daughter.

After a nap I head back down to The Clubhouse to meet Soph and a school friend of ours who’s sailboat is also moored in the port. The drinks and the conversation are free flowing and I’m a little bit proud that I can find my way back to Hostel Anton sometime around midnight without any trouble.


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