Mostar to Sarajevo

Sunday 22nd June 2014

IMG_1870 (1)

I had heard from others that there was a free walking tour of Mostar available. The hostel didn’t have any information (the only downside of this place) and told me to go and enquire at a tourist info centre.  Well I thought I would be able to find one of those pretty easily on the main drag but no, I walk all through the old town and out the other side to what used to be the front line, getting stroppier and stroppier with the knowledge that checkout is at midday and they can’t hold my pack (the only other annoying thing about Majdas).  I eventually find an info centre and they tell me that walking tours cost €50 (!) and have to be organised through one of three travel agencies whose details he passes on.  Well I’m not about to pay that much for something I thought was going to be free so I head back to the hostel.  I had intended to do some exploring of my own on foot but I can’t be bothered carting my pack down to the bus station for storage in the heat of a very hot day just so I can have four more hours in Mostar.  Instead I jump on the 12.10 bus for Sarajevo.  My entrance into Sarajevo is similar to my entrance into Mostar in that there are signs of war at every turn.  However I can definitely feel that I’m in a bigger city; I think the trams give it away.  Kind of nice to see trams in another part of the world as I had previously thought of them as so uniquely Melbourne.  I check into the highly recommended Balkan Han Hostel, meet Jennifer, a very fun Welsh girl in my otherwise empty dorm, fall asleep for a few hours and wake up only to take myself out for dinner down the road at a delicious restaurant called Brasil where I don’t feel bad at all for not eating local food and devour crumbed chicken bits, chips, a pile of salad and a G&T.

Again, signs of shelling evident on this apartment block.




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